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Seek the Gift



Is a time of


And receiving.

We should be grateful

For what we have received.

But let’s not just look around.

Let’s look within.

Our greatest gift is

The energy and spirit

Residing within us,

Waiting to be discovered

And unwrapped

And brought out

For others to see

And experience.

The greatest gift

We can give to ourselves

Is to seek

That energy and spirit

And nurture it,

Drawing it out,

To help us pursue

What is really meaningful.

If we do that,

We will offer

Ever expanding gifts

To those

Who mean so much

To us.

Our gift within us

Can be the gift

That keeps on giving.

The gift to us

Can become the gift

That we share

With others.


Maren Keeley

January 4, 2022at 10:36 pm

What a beautiful and inspiring message. It’s deeply resonant and true.
Everyone has gifts to offer the world.

Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2022.

Tom Lamar

December 28, 2021at 12:30 am

So lovely. Inspiring. True. Thank you

Laleh Shahidi

December 27, 2021at 11:13 pm

Happy Holidays John. Lovely poem.

Inma Vp

December 26, 2021at 9:01 am

Great poem, dear John! Sharing is caring, and sharing our own gifts is the highest prove of love to humanity. God bless you! Thank you for your generosity and friendship, sending you a big hug and best wishes from Denmark, Inma

Marion Ortega

December 25, 2021at 8:04 pm

Beautifully said. God has blessed you with a great mind, and the knowledge of how to use it.

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