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What’s Next? Let’s Connect

Welcome! If you’re on this page, chances are that you’ve read my latest book, The Journey Beyond Fear. There’s only so much that can be included in a book that seeks to introduce people to the journey. That’s why I’ve asked those of you who have read the book to reach out and connect with me.


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I view the book as simply an opening salvo in a much larger effort to help people to make this journey. I’m in the early stages of organizing a new Center that will offer programs designed to support and coach people who want to make this journey. The programs will take many different forms (and they will include a learning platform!), including programs that can be pursued online as well as programs that will invite people to come together in physical space to develop deeper personal relationships with others who are also on the journey.

If you’re interested in information about these programs as they become available, I encourage you to provide your name and email address here and I will send you regular updates. I will also keep you posted regarding further writing that I plan to do on this topic.  I very much look forward to staying in touch and finding ways to connect as we all make this journey.


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My new book, The Journey Beyond Fear, starts with the observation that fear is becoming the dominant emotion for people around the world. While understandable, fear is also very limiting.


The book explores a variety of approaches we can pursue to cultivate emotions of hope and excitement that will help us to move forward despite fear and achieve more of our potential. You can order the book at Amazon.

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