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Welcome! If you’re on this page, chances are that you’re interested in my latest book, The Journey Beyond Fear. In the book, I outline the journey we all need to make to cultivate emotions like hope and excitement that will help us to move forward in spite of fear and achieve more impact that is meaningful to us.

How do we address the fear that is consuming us?

The Journey Beyond Fear could not be more timely. More and more people around the world are acknowledging the fear they feel and are seeking ways to overcome it. Fear had been spreading well before the current pandemic, but the pandemic has intensified it. The pandemic has helped to make it more acceptable to acknowledge the fear and  increased our desire to move beyond fear. Over decades, my job has been to help people (and organizations) anticipate how the world is changing and address the opportunities emerging from these changes.

Over the years, I realized that our emotions shape our choices and actions in profound ways and that we are not paying enough attention to the emotions that govern our lives and that serve as either obstacles or amplifiers of personal, institutional and social progress. This book suggests the spreading emotion of fear is certainly understandable given the forces that are creating mounting performance pressure on all of us, but the emotion is very limiting. More importantly, while we are susceptible to fear, none of us wants to live in fear. We all aspire to cultivate hope and excitement so that we can achieve more meaningful impact. Offering a path forward, this book focuses on the role that narrative, passion and platforms can play in helping us to cultivate the emotions that will help us to move beyond fear.

But this book is very different on multiple levels. First, it indicates that we need to challenge at a fundamental level what we mean by narrative, passion and platforms. These terms are widely used today but in a very loose fashion which misses their real potential for impact.

  • Narratives are not stories – they identify a major threat or opportunity out in the future and provide a call to action to the audience – the resolution of the narrative will hinge on their choices or actions.
  • Passion takes a very specific form in this book – the passion of the explorer. People who have this passion are excited about the opportunity to achieve more and more impact over the long-term in their chosen domain and are actively seeking to connect with others who can help them.
  • Platforms in this context are not conventional aggregation and social platforms – they are learning platforms explicitly designed to help participants learn faster by acting together in addressing new opportunities and challenges. The goal is to create new knowledge, and not just share existing knowledge.

By sharpening our understanding of these three pillars, we can make much more progress in moving beyond fear.

Second, the book is a memoir, but integrates that with extensive research into the forces that are shaping our global economy and society and the pillars that can help us to move from fear to hope and excitement. The memoir describes my lifelong journey beyond fear and the lessons that he learned along the way. The research shows how we all can build on the pillars available to us to make the journey far more quickly and effectively.

Third, the book urges us to move beyond a narrow human potential focus, concentrating on the challenges and opportunities that individuals face. It suggests we need to integrate that perspective with a broader social change perspective. We need to evolve our institutions and communities so that they encourage all of us to cultivate the emotions of hope and excitement.

More than anything, The Journey Beyond Fear suggests that we all have the ability to move from a world of mounting performance pressure to a world of exponentially expanding opportunity. This will not just help us as individuals to achieve much more of our potential, but it will also help our institutions and society to grow in ways that benefit everyone. There’s an opportunity for all of us to come together into a creative community to achieve unprecedented impact.

Who should read this book?


Whether we are consumed by fear ourselves, we are surrounded by more and more people who are limited by that emotion. We all have an opportunity to help ourselves and to help others around us to move beyond fear. While written for everyone, this book should be especially relevant to institutional and community leaders who are seeking ways to drive growth that is more meaningful for all their stakeholders.  I’ve written 7 best-selling books before this one – but this one is different.  It’s far more personal. As most of you know, I’ve been based in Silicon Valley for over 40 years, but running a global research center and working as a consultant for leaders of major institutions around the world.  This has given me a global perspective that reaches far beyond Silicon Valley. I’m excited by the opportunities emerging on a global scale, and want us to see them and address them – together.

(if you’ve read the book, click here)


(if you've read the book, click here)

My new book, The Journey Beyond Fear, starts with the observation that fear is becoming the dominant emotion for people around the world. While understandable, fear is also very limiting.


The book explores a variety of approaches we can pursue to cultivate emotions of hope and excitement that will help us to move forward despite fear and achieve more of our potential. You can order the book at Amazon.

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