I work with senior leadership teams of organizations around the world to:

– Define actionable business strategies to create more value
– Accelerate near-term performance improvement
– Target and exploit longer-term growth options
–  Leverage resources by mobilizing third parties
–  Pursue pragmatic pathways to transform the business
–  Accelerate learning to build new capabilities
–  Cultivate emotions that will embrace change

I add value quickly by:

– Challenging comfortable (and often unstated) assumptions
– Suggesting creative options to expand the performance envelope
– Working as a sounding board and counselor to management to help remove bottlenecks

I provide what you need to reach the next level of performance:

– Distinctive insights
– Business strategy in rapidly evolving markets with high uncertainty
– Restructuring initiatives that can help free up resources and focus them on the most significant value creation opportunities
– Leveraged growth strategies to create more value by mobilizing third party resources
– Innovative marketing approaches designed to attract and retain the scarce attention of prospects and customers
– Approaches to generate more business value from new generations of digital technology
– Measuring success – identify and quantify a few key operating performance measures that will focus the organization and generate more economic value.

I tailor my approach to maximize impact. Every situation is different. Some of the options we can tailor are:

– Retainer-based counseling. Advise senior executives or management teams on the most pressing business issues they face, spending one or more days each month.
– Workshops to help challenge and align leadership teams to address high impact challenges and opportunities
Short-term diagnostic efforts to identify opportunities for high impact initiatives
Engagements to help mobilize companies and build capability to create more value


I also work as a coach with senior leaders who are looking for a trusted advisor to support and challenge them as they seek to adopt more effective leadership approaches and increase the impact that is meaningful to them.



(if you've read the book, click here)

My new book, The Journey Beyond Fear, starts with the observation that fear is becoming the dominant emotion for people around the world. While understandable, fear is also very limiting.


The book explores a variety of approaches we can pursue to cultivate emotions of hope and excitement that will help us to move forward despite fear and achieve more of our potential. You can order the book at Amazon.

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