Through Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, I work with senior management teams to:

– Define actionable business strategies to create more value
– Accelerate near-term performance improvement
– Target and exploit longer-term growth options
–  Leverage resources by mobilizing third parties
–  Pursue pragmatic pathways to transform the business

I add value quickly by:

– Challenging comfortable (and often unstated) assumptions
– Suggesting creative options to expand the performance envelope
– Working as a sounding board and counselor to management to help remove bottlenecks

I provide what you need to reach the next level of performance:

– Distinctive insights
– Business strategy in rapidly evolving markets with high uncertainty
– Restructuring initiatives that can help free up resources and focus them on the most significant value creation opportunities
– Leveraged growth strategies to create more value by mobilizing third party resources
– Innovative marketing approaches designed to attract and retain the scarce attention of prospects and customers
– Approaches to generate more business value from new generations of digital technology
– Measuring success – identify and quantify a few key operating performance measures that will focus the organization and generate more economic value.

I tailor my approach to maximize impact. Every situation is different. Some of the options we can tailor are:

– Retainer-based counseling. Advise senior executives or management teams on the most pressing business issues they face, spending one or more days each month.
– Workshops to help challenge and align leadership teams to address high impact challenges and opportunities
Short-term diagnostic efforts to identify opportunities for high impact initiatives
Engagements to help mobilize companies and build capability to create more value


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