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Embracing Paradox


We live in a world

Of either/or,

Not both/and.

This is a world

Where reason rules

And does not tolerate

Exceptions to the rules.

But that’s not the world

We really live in.

We’ll never see

The full richness of our world

And we’ll learn a lot less

If we choose not to see

Its complexity and contradiction

And its endless mystery

Hiding beneath the surface.

Paradox can help us to learn

As long as we welcome it

And explore it,

Grateful for its ability

To challenge our deeply held beliefs

And tightly enforced rules.


Paul Walden

March 13, 2022at 11:31 pm

Spot on, John! If you haven’t already, check out Jeremy Trent’s The Patterning Instinct and The Web of Meaning. Think you’d enjoy them. Brilliant books.

Michael P. Gusek

March 7, 2022at 2:47 pm

Way to go creating a post that defies classification while delivering a message communicating the problems of overly relying on distinctions in reality to explain said reality.

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