Small Smart Moves

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Small Smart Moves

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Our world is overwhelming.

Competition intensifies

Complexity escalates

Change accelerates

Viruses spread

Pressure grows.

Such a world

Pulls us to passivity

As we feel the fear.

Small moves appear futile

And big moves are overwhelming.

But, what if the small moves

Were smartly made?

What if we pulled

Out of the pressures of the moment

And looked ahead

To see really big emerging opportunities?

What if we looked around

And found others

Who could be motivated

To join us?

What if we found some small moves

That could yield rapid impact

And help us to learn faster?

Those small moves,

Smartly made,

Could set very big things in motion,

Helping us

To address exponentially expanding opportunity.

It’s time to move.


Jim Sanderson

April 29, 2020at 12:01 pm

Your posts are a welcome respite from the negative, fear-based narratives that have engulfed so much of the media. The more I study and ponder them the more action I take in working on the edge taking small moves smartly made to create new knowledge and meaningful impact. Your insights are creating a movement propels the development of the infinite potential we have been endowed with. Thanks.

Ann Telford

April 22, 2020at 11:26 am

Opportunity from optimism


April 21, 2020at 4:56 pm

Very different way for you to speak to ‘small moves”.
As softer and very engaging way to speak about mapping a way forward.


April 21, 2020at 3:51 pm

Uplifting and encouraging, John. Thanks for sharing.

Rashmir Balasubramaniam

April 21, 2020at 2:34 pm

Small moves smartly made may be what really matters now. We need to be willing to enter the silent stillness of the liminal for long enough to allow what’s truly smart to become visible.

Lee Stein

April 21, 2020at 2:33 pm

Thx for posting

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