Leaders Learn

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Leaders Learn


If you’re not learning,

You’re not a leader.

If you’re learning alone,

You’re not a leader.

Leaders mobilize many

To learn together.

They inspire others with awesome opportunities,

Inviting people to come together

And venture out to the edge,

Beyond their comfort zone.

Leaders pose powerful questions

And ask for help from others

To find the answers.

These questions focus,


And challenge,

While building trust.

They urge us all to explore

Uncharted land

And expand our horizons

While driven by a shared quest.

Leaders inspire others

To lead others

In their quest for answers

That matter

Which, of course,

Will only lead to more questions

To be pursued

In a never-ending quest

For expanding opportunity

For everyone.

Don’t measure leaders

By the number of followers.

Instead measure leaders

By the number of leaders

They unleash.

Dare I say?

Leaders inspire us

To pursue our exponential potential.


Paul Boudrye

May 8, 2020at 6:48 pm

Great description of a Leader that Learns to Be; and a Learner that Leads to Learn .

Victor Perton

May 7, 2020at 12:02 am

Love it! May we add an o word? Measure leaders by their infectious optimism?

Jim Sanderson

May 6, 2020at 4:44 pm

John…thanks for your pertinent insights on leadership. They are applicable for the short & long term. Please stay healthy; you have many more valuable contributions to make that can make the world a better place to live for everyone. I especially value your concept of individuals pursuing their exponential potential.

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