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Independence Day Poems


I’ve never written a haiku before, but July 4th – Independence Day in the US – inspired me to write my first one:

Seek inspiration

See the caterpillar crawl

Watch butterflies fly

But, of course I couldn’t stop there. That haiku inspired me to write a longer poem:

The road ahead

Offers so much potential

But we must choose that road

And not allow others

To define it for us.

We must declare our independence,

Removing the constraints

And roadblocks

Imposed by others.

But here’s the paradox.

We’ll increase our potential

If we invite others on our journey

Rather than seeking to go it alone.

With the right partners

We might even be able

To evolve from caterpillars

To Butterflies.

Independence and interdependence

Are intimately linked,

But it starts with declaring independence.

What better day than today?

I’m looking forward

To the journey ahead!


Jennifer Smith

July 4, 2020at 9:33 pm

From an English teacher…. Great work.

Noirin Mosley

July 4, 2020at 9:16 pm

Love it John. 👏

The road less travelled and independence will always go hand in hand.

Sherry Lowry

July 4, 2020at 9:12 pm

…And many of us will join you.

Sharon Lee

July 4, 2020at 8:29 pm

This Haiku is new to me. I checked the word out and learn something new. I will keep in mind for my haiku inspiration when I get inspired. Thank you for being an influence in my life John!
Happy Fourth!


July 4, 2020at 7:18 pm

Happy 4th of July, you talented poet 😉


July 4, 2020at 7:17 pm

These are beautiful and inspiring. Here’s to independence … : )

Thank you!

Alice MacGillivray

July 4, 2020at 6:56 pm

Wonderful to see you playing with different media in these important times. If you would like to unpack “But it starts with declaring independence” a bit, I’d enjoy hearing more of your thoughts.


July 4, 2020at 5:09 pm

Very nice

Ed Morrison

July 4, 2020at 3:44 pm

John, I would really enjoy you exploring more the idea that our independence emerges from our interdependence. I think that’s one of the keen insights that Tocqueville saw. Tocqueville (to whom I have gone for inspiration) also said in 1834 or so at the dawn of the Industrial Age, “The world is all together new. We need to ask new questions, create new categories.“ In the same way, we have opportunities stretching before us, you are helping us see them.

Annisa Michelle

July 4, 2020at 2:25 pm

Beautiful and inspiring. 😍💪🏼

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