Through Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, I work with senior management teams to:

– Define actionable business strategies to create more value
– Accelerate near-term performance improvement
– Target and exploit longer-term growth options

I add value quickly by:

– Challenging comfortable (and often unstated) assumptions
– Outlining plausible options that push the performance envelope
– Working as a sounding board and counselor to management to help remove bottlenecks

I provide what you need to reach the next level of performance:

– Distinctive insights
– Business strategy in rapidly evolving markets with high uncertainty
– The role of information technology in reshaping the business landscape
– New ways of managing business processes spanning multiple enterprises
– Approaches to generate more business value from information technology

I tailor my approach to maximize impact. Every situation is different. Some of the options we can tailor are:

– Retainer-based counseling. Advise senior executives or management teams on the most pressing business issues they face, spending one or more days each month.
– Implementing FAST approaches to strategy. Help senior management teams to shift to new strategy approaches to operate effectively under increasing uncertainty.

Or I can work with client teams to address specific business issues, for example:

– Implementing new approaches to strategy. Help senior management teams to shift to new strategy approaches to operate effectively under increasing uncertainty.
– Revenue enhancement. Define programs to more effectively segment the market, accelerate near-term market penetration and generate more value from existing customer relationships.
– Leveraged growth strategies. Develop initiatives to more effectively mobilize third party resources to add value to your customers.
–  Senior management workshops. Create and lead workshops to build shared understanding and action programs on selected topics or issues, including business scenarios, leveraged growth strategies and unbundling the corporation.
–  Offshoring and outsourcing strategies. Expanding the business impact from offshoring and outsourcing relationships by aggressively targeting appropriate opportunities and designing relationships that support broader business goals.
– Unbundling the enterprise. Design strategies to maximize asset values by reshaping the enterprise – shedding under-performing assets (e.g., business process outsourcing) and generating more value from distinctive assets (e.g., turning cost centers into profit centers)
– Cost savings diagnostic. Identify and prioritize operational savings (both expense and assets) opportunities.
– Harnessing the business value of information technology. Help senior management teams to understand the business opportunities created by new generations of information technology and work with client teams to define programs to rapidly generate savings and revenue enhancement using the technology.
– Internet-based strategies. Using the Internet as a platform to develop broader and deeper relationships with customers through collaborative marketing and double loop marketing techniques.
Community-building. Design approaches to deepen relationships with customers and increase revenue by developing both online and off-line communities.
– Measuring success. Work with senior management teams to identify and quantify a few key operating performance measures that will focus the organization and generate more economic value.